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Extraordinary Bengal Tiger sighting

This video was made by Bill Peck '60 while on an MIT Alumni Travel Program trip to India and Nepal in October 2010. The sighting took place early in the morning of October 25, 2010 at Ranthambore National Park in India and lasted for about a half hour. The park ranger said that a sighting of this quality and duration had only occurred once before in the past 10 years of his experience there. The tiger is a 5 year old tigress which is observed regularly in the Park. She is first spotted walking through the park in a light forest setting. She stops to preen herself and then continues on her path through the forest. The caravan follows her and next spots her in a grassy forested area. It soon becomes evident that she has found a newborn fawn which the mother left in the grass while she grazed. The mother deer issues a distress call and a herd of deer come to her support, but to no avail. The tiger proceeds to kill the fawn and then walks off with the fawn in her mouth, passing very close to the caravan vehicle from which I am filming. The video lasts for about 6 minutes and includes some still shots interspersed between video clips in a time sequenced fashion. A Canon Powershot SD870IS handheld camera was used throughout.

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