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fun classes!


Added over 7 years ago | 00:04:46 | 6812 views

Try doing this


Added almost 8 years ago | 00:04:31 | 12450 views

If you have a graphic calculator, and you you want to learn how to program it, check this out. TI calculators usually come with manuals that tell you how to do this, but they can be confusing. Here's a simple program that will teach you...

schedule stress!


Added almost 8 years ago | 00:03:33 | 12268 views

This is me venting about my stupid schedule and how it's not working out but hopefully it will. Happens to every MIT student at one point or another.... *sigh*



Added almost 8 years ago | 00:02:30 | 8418 views

In this entry, I'll be sharing my love for cooking and how cooking at MIT is the best thing ever when it comes to eating. (Well, I prefer scavenging for free food, but still...)

Designing is Key


Added almost 8 years ago | 00:04:41 | 7194 views

Here is a clip of Mike and I talking about mechanical engineering and showing a bit of what the most important part of any type of engineering is - designing and planning. I'm working on a project, and Mike decided to drop by and film w...

Intro to Chemical Engineering


Added almost 8 years ago | 00:03:03 | 7740 views

Let's get chemical!!!! Just watch.

Let's cut to the chase... why look ...


Added almost 8 years ago | 00:04:24 | 8509 views

Are you interested in new technologies? Do you like to play video games? Do you want to make a lot of money when you grow up? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should watch this video. ...If not, you should still watch...

What is B.E. Really?


Added almost 8 years ago | 00:02:53 | 8113 views

Watch this video if you're not sure watch biological engineering really is. Brenda and Macdaleine attempt to explain it to you.



Added almost 8 years ago | 00:02:53 | 10446 views

This is the first post of my video blog. Basically it's a two-minute-long crash course on all things me. Wana know more? Go to my personal blog at

Jesús Medrano, Tijuana Trip, M...

FL&L Videos

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:01:40 | 8010 views

Jesús Medrano (MIT, Spring 2005) crosses the border into Mexico to give us a glimpse of Tijuana. In English and Spanish.

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