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Our Principles

This is a DRAFT document. We welcome suggestions from the MIT community as we work to finalize MIT TechTV's Principles and Mission. For inquiries about the Principles and Mission, email techtv [at] mit [dot] edu.

MIT TechTV is a web site designed to support community through the aggregation and distribution of science, engineering, technology, and MIT-related video on the web. Our goals are to:

  • Make it easier for members of the MIT community – and others – to find science, engineering, technology, and MIT-related video on the web
  • Feature videos appealing to and appropriate for people as young as 12
  • Encourage the creation of web video by members of the MIT community by making it easier to publish and host video content
  • Support the educational mission of MIT by providing a means to expand the educational spaces outside of the traditional classroom

Here are some guidelines for users of the MIT TechTV website. NOTE: Users of this site must accept our Terms of Use.

How does MIT TechTV work?

As an MIT user of the site, you are able to upload video and have it hosted at no charge. You will then be able to link to your videos from your own web pages, and you will also have a range of choices for more broadly distributing your video content. Accounts and the ability to upload videos is limited to people with an e-mail address, but anyone is able to watch any public videos posted to MIT TechTV.

If you are a member of the MIT community, and you have exciting science, engineering, technology, and MIT-related video content, upload it to MIT TechTV! All you have to do is sign up for your own account (an email address is required for a full-account verification).


The MIT TechTV staff and user community believe that rules of property apply to the Internet as well as they do to traditional media. Unauthorized distribution of someone else's content -- including video, music, images and other media -- is theft and will not be tolerated on this website. That said, we are fans of licenses such as those offered by Creative Commons and Public Domain. We encourage everyone to look into Creative Commons licenses and adopt them. Remember though, you can only grant Creative Commons or Public Domain licensing to your videos if you own all of the content in the video or have the explicit written permission granting you the permission to do this from the owners of the copyrighted material in your video.

Pornography and other inappropriate content

We will not accept or post content on this site that is inappropriate for an audience as young as 12. MIT TechTV is a venue where people can exchange ideas, viewpoints, and entertainment. We want everyone to feel comfortable coming to our site — and we want everyone to feel comfortable allowing their children to come to our site. Many of our users have told us explicitly that they want their work to be showcased in a venue they can be proud of, and we are entirely dedicated to making MIT TechTV such a venue.


We believe that content creators, viewers, and the MIT community at large are all stakeholders in MIT TechTV. The site was designed — and is continually evolving — with the goal of being of service to the MIT community and beyond. We are making every effort to provide the tools and environment that the MIT community can take pride in and find useful. We are absolutely dedicated to maintaining an excellent relationship with the entire MIT community of content creators and viewers.

Every aspect of MIT TechTV has been designed and improved based on direct interaction with the community at MIT. The MIT TechTV staff regularly reviews every feature and aspect of the site and we will make changes based on community feedback. We see MIT TechTV as a collaborative effort between the site and the community we serve.


We want to enable as many visitors to MIT TechTV to be able to participate in the content provided on our site.  As such, we hope to integrate technologies into MIT TechTV that allow for automation of accessibility on our site.  Of course, automated solutions aren’t always perfect so we give the owners of the content the choice, and encourage them to use it, to bring their accessibility options to a fully accurate state.


We are building a sustainable community by always respecting the law, honoring the community we are a part of, and staying true to our principles.