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Harold 'Doc' Edgerton, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the CALYPSO crew, 1953

This silent, b/w film by Doc Edgerton was taken in 1953 during his first oceanographic research collaboration in the Mediterranean Sea with Jacques-Yves Cousteau on board CALYPSO. Crew members including Doc and Cousteau work on deploying deep-water camera equipment arranged on an improvised towing sled. The project was partly sponsored by the National Geographic Society and features in the Society's Jan. 1954 issue. Courtesy of MIT Museum [HEE-FV-169].

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Where’s the volume? Seems to be without sound.
I’m on a offshore vessel right now working with Sonar; these guys were true pioneers, and we have only started what they began. 3/5ths of the ocean floor has NOT been explored…. and Bush wants to go to Mars??? Let’s finish this planet before moving to the next. SCF

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