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Matt Rodriguez (GEL '11) Shares Engineering Leadership Skills He Honed in GEL

Matt Rodriguez (GEL '11) Shares Eng...

Shaping the Future: The Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program

Added 4 years ago | 00:12:00 | 11798 views

In this video, Matt Rodriguez (GEL '11) shares the engineering leadership traits he developed during his two years in GEL. One of the requirements to complete successfully the GEL Two Year program is the personal leadership development ...

Inventor: Howard Kellogg

Inventor: Howard Kellogg


Added over 5 years ago | 00:01:20 | 11738 views

Howard Kellogg is the inventor of a new kind of inline skate optimized to be light and compact, perfect for commuters or students trying to get across campus in a hurry.

2.007 - Lab Montage

2.007 - Lab Montage

2.007 Competition 2009

Added 6 years ago | 00:03:37 | 11637 views

2.007 Competition 2009 - See the lab in action Music by CASchubert

Hibur Lecture, 11/14/07

Hibur Lecture, 11/14/07

hibur lectures

Added 7 years ago | 00:54:56 | 11623 views

Videoconference with Technion, November 14, 2007

Marine Detective Professor Jerry Milgram

Marine Detective Professor Jerry Mi...

Elemental MIT

Added over 4 years ago | 00:01:33 | 11556 views

This video highlights the "detective" work of legendary MIT Ocean Engineering Professor Jerry Milgram, maritime accident investigator and research scientist. Footage was excerpted from a video, produced for the MIT Museum, that traces th...

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

MIT150 Symposia: Leaders in Science and Engineering: The Women of MIT Symposium

Added 4 years ago | 00:23:55 | 11427 views |

MIT150 Symposium Leaders in Science and Engineering: The Women of MIT Symposium Speakers David A. Mindell PhD '96 - Chair, MIT150 Steering Committee and Dibner Professor of the History of Engineering and Manufacturing and of Aeronautics...

MechE Building 35 Lab

MechE Building 35 Lab


Added over 4 years ago | 00:03:05 | 11339 views

A video tour of the Building 35 Lab, which is used for manufacturing in MechE coursework and research.

Ring Falling in a Magnetic Field

Ring Falling in a Magnetic Field

MIT Department of Physics Technical Services Group

Added over 3 years ago | 00:03:27 | 11337 views

Three aluminium objects are dropped through a magnetic field. The objects move slower entering and leaving the field due to changes in the flux through the object. The change in the flux through a conductor results in a force which opp...

Manufacturing Seminar, 3/06/08, Erin MacDonald

Manufacturing Seminar, 3/06/08, Eri...

Lab for Manufacturing and Productivity

Added over 7 years ago | 00:00:00 | 11272 views

The Construction of Preference in Engineering Design and Implications for Green ProductsMIT SEMINAR SERIES IN MANUFACTURING AND PRODUCTIVITY Place: Given Lounge, Room 35-520 Time: 12:00 P.M. Thursday, March 6th, 2008 Dr. Erin MacDonald...

Operations Rules: Delivering Customer Value through Flexible Operations — Prof. David Simchi-Levi

Operations Rules: Delivering Custom...


Added 4 years ago | 00:57:17 | 11007 views

LGO Web Seminar Series Prof. David Simchi-Levi, LGO Co-Director, MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Operations Rules: Delivering Customer Value through Flexible Operations Presentation Date: May 2, 2011 Abstract I...

2.009: Coffee Bean Sorter - Testing 1 (Good Beans)

2.009: Coffee Bean Sorter - Testing...


Added over 7 years ago | 00:01:36 | 10915 views

2.009 is a senior Product Design class in Mechanical Engineering. The "Orange Team" is testing different methods for sorting coffee beans, including a fan-driven winnowing system. This is 800 FPS video of "good" beans traveling through ...

Engineering for the Ecological Age: Lessons from History

Engineering for the Ecological Age:...

MIT World — special events and lectures

Added over 3 years ago | 01:24:00 | 10794 views

05/01/2009 2:00 PM Bartos theaterJohn Ochsendorf, Associate Professor, Department of ArchitectureDescription: John Ochsendorf, a structural engineer, "fell in love with archaeology" during college. His senior thesis at Cornell involved a...