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Videos tagged with engineering (582)

Jake Jurewicz : Finding a sustainable energy source

Jake Jurewicz : Finding a sustainab...

Course 22 Roadmaps

Added 2 years ago | 00:00:44 | 1873 views

Derek Sutherland : Powering space voyages

Derek Sutherland : Powering space v...

Course 22 Roadmaps

Added 2 years ago | 00:00:29 | 1939 views

Alex Salazar : Powering developing nations

Alex Salazar : Powering developing ...

Course 22 Roadmaps

Added 2 years ago | 00:00:28 | 1786 views

Katia Paramonova : Powering developing nations

Katia Paramonova : Powering develop...

Course 22 Roadmaps

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Gus Tai at 2013 LGO Alumni Conference

Gus Tai at 2013 LGO Alumni Conference


Added 2 years ago | 00:03:50 | 1514 views

Gus Tai (LGO '91), general partner at Trinity Ventures, gave the closing comments at the 2013 MIT Leaders for Global Operations alumni conference. This excerpt highlights Gus' comments on the impact that LGO and LFM (Leaders for Manu...

2013 MechE Grads

2013 MechE Grads


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Photos of 2013 MechE Grad Students

R. Scott Kemp

R. Scott Kemp

Research Thumbnails

Added 2 years ago | 00:00:33 | 2024 views

All engineering disciplines interact with society, but nuclear engineering is a special case, inexorably bound up with critical issues of our era: energy, the environment, and international security. Developing a deeper understanding of ...

2013 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize Winner

2013 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize Wi...

$500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize

Added 2 years ago | 00:05:11 | 5521 views

Dr. Angela Belcher received the 2013 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize for applying lessons in nature to design environmentally-friendly batteries, solar cells and clean transportation fuel, among other inventions with both commercial and soci...

LGO Internship Impact: Billy Bellows helps Sanofi improve medical device manufacturing quality

LGO Internship Impact: Billy Bellow...


Added 2 years ago | 00:05:46 | 2475 views

Billy Bellows, LGO '14 and Messiah College (Mechanical Engineering) '09, describes his experience as LGO's first intern at Sanofi. Billy's project is at Sanofi's Frankfurt Medical Devices site in Germany. His work focuses on quality i...

Introduction to Complex Systems: Patterns in Nature

Introduction to Complex Systems: Pa...

Ilana's Videos

Added 2 years ago | 00:07:51 | 1269 views

This video provides a basic introduction to the the science of complex systems, focusing on patterns in nature.

2013 David J. Rose Lecture: Nuclear Policies, Practices, and Problems

2013 David J. Rose Lecture: Nuclear...

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Added 2 years ago | 00:16:35 | 2145 views

Lady Barbara Judge Chairman Emeritus, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Read more about the 2013 Rose Lecture here.

LGO Industry Impact: Jeff Wilke '93, SVP, Consumer Business,

LGO Industry Impact: Jeff Wilke '93...


Added 2 years ago | 00:03:40 | 3332 views

Jeff Wilke, LGO '93, is the Senior Vice President for Amazon's Consumer Business and the Co-Chair of the LGO Governing Board.In this video, he describes the value that the LGO program and its alumni have for Amazon and other LGO partner ...