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Edison - New York City "ghetto" fish market - 1903

Edison - New York City "ghetto" fis...

Library of Congress

Added 7 months ago | 00:02:56 | 720 views

The view photographed from an elevated camera position looks down on a very crowded New York City street market Rows of pushcarts and street vendors vehicles can be seen The precise location is difficult to ascertain but it is certainly ...

Introduction to Complex Systems: Patterns in Nature

Introduction to Complex Systems: Pa...

Ilana's Videos

Added over 2 years ago | 00:07:51 | 1481 views

This video provides a basic introduction to the the science of complex systems, focusing on patterns in nature.

Nuke Matters: Effects of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station on Cape Cod Bay

Nuke Matters: Effects of Pilgrim Nu...

Civic Lunches

Added almost 3 years ago | 00:10:24 | 2557 views

Cape Cod Bay Watch is dedicated to protecting the species, habitat and health of Cape Cod Bay. The most immediate goal is to educate the public about impacts of Entergy’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station—especially its "once-thr...



MIT News

Added 4 years ago | 00:00:06 | 8075 views

Flow visualization (color alterations of fluorescent die movie) of small size caranguiform prototype (bass), swimming frequency = 1 Hz. Read more at

The Bazurto Fish Market

The Bazurto Fish Market

The Community Innovators Lab

Added over 5 years ago | 00:02:10 | 16896 views

Welcome to Bazurto

Welcome to Bazurto

The Community Innovators Lab

Added over 5 years ago | 00:01:13 | 16132 views

Please visit for more information on the Bazurto Market in Cartagena, Colombia, and this class - 11.975 FEEDING CITIES IN THE GLOBAL SOUTH: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR ACTION IN CARTAGENA

Harlan County, Kentucky: What Happened to Elmer's Fishpond?

Harlan County, Kentucky: What Happe...

The Community Innovators Lab

Added over 6 years ago | 00:06:14 | 64098 views

Elmer Lloyd, a proud former coal miner, struggles to come to terms with his prize fishpond becoming a polluted acid pond at the hands of a coal company.

Flow Visualization

Flow Visualization


Added over 7 years ago | 00:08:54 | 27301 views

An introduction to some flow visualization techniques used at MIT. These methods help us understand the fluid dynamics of natural and manmade systems. I made this video to compile the sweet videos we've taken over the years. Otherwise ...

Proteus ~ Fish inspired boat

Proteus ~ Fish inspired boat

Ocean Engineering

Added over 8 years ago | 00:01:59 | 14703 views

Flippers replace a propeller on this vessel to improve efficiency! Watch as these students test their prototype on the Charles River.