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Nano Neuro Knitting

Spinal cord injuries, serious stroke and severe traumatic brain injuries affect more than 5 million Americans at a total cost of $65 billion a year in treatment.

Rodents blinded by a severed tract in their brains' visual system had their sight partially restored within weeks, thanks to a tiny biodegradable scaffold invented by MIT bioengineers and neuroscientists.

This technique, which involves giving brain cells an internal matrix on which to regrow, just as ivy grows on a trellis, may one day help patients with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and stroke.

The study, which will appear in the online early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) the week of March 13-17, is the first that uses nanotechnology to repair and heal the brain and restore function of a damaged brain region.

Text by: Deborah Halber, MIT News Office

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How can I get involved as a research participant with your research studies once this goes to Human studies? I have had 5 medically documented concussions, that were the result of Auto accidents, head impact traumas, as well as Mercury Toxicity. Eagerly, I have been researching ways to increase my own Brain function. I'm overcoming the mercury toxicity and have been improving significantly. I know that I have had AXONAL shearing as illustrated and seriously desire to regain these neuro connections. I have had SPECT scans and other such imaging done. Please contact me via My desire is to Regain lost Axonal Connections as well as Excel through use of Smart Drugs, Bio Feedback, and other such research enhancements in my life. I've previously worked in R&D @ Microsoft, Intel, HP and others and am only in my early 30's. Please inform me.

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous User

Is it possible for this therapy to be used to correct optic nerve hypoplasia discussed this morning on NPR?

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous User

Peptide nanofiber scaffold for brain repair and axon regeneration with functional return of vision is something which will be implemented very soon.

Posted 5 years by DjPundreek

This is probably one of the coolest technologies I have seen! Will this technology one day be able to help blind people see or fix blindness caused by brain trauma? I know this video is a few years old, curious to how far along this research has gone today. Any update or links to other studies.

Posted over 4 years by bobbie.houston

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