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Formerly Urban - Julia Czerniak

Formerly Urban - Julia Czerniak

CAU Spring Lecture Series

Added 1 year ago | 01:00:45 | 1048 views

Paola Cappellaro

Paola Cappellaro

Research Thumbnails

Added over 1 year ago | 00:01:50 | 2612 views

Professor Paola Cappellaro discusses the development of a novel quantum sensor based on a defect in diamond called nitrogen vacancy center (NV).

Faculty Forum Online: MIT Students at Work in the World

Faculty Forum Online: MIT Students ...

MIT Alumni Association

Added over 1 year ago | 01:00:41 | 5308 views

In a special edition of the Facutly Forum Online, three current MIT students shared how they are incorporating mens et manus into the 21st century. Public Service Center Dean Sally Susnowitz, alongside current MIT students Laura Stilwell...

 Keeley Erhardt - Reciclemos

Keeley Erhardt - Reciclemos

MIT Annual Fund

Added over 1 year ago | 00:02:26 | 2104 views

The goal of ¡Reciclemos! is to develop a recycling initiative in schools, restaurants, and markets in the poverty-stricken community of San Ignacio de Velasco, Bolivia in order to promote cost-saving reusability, environmental awareness.

Faculty Forum Online: Women's Health Research at MIT

Faculty Forum Online: Women's Healt...

MIT Alumni Association

Added over 1 year ago | 00:30:40 | 2316 views

Research disparities in women's health led MIT Department of Biological Engineering Professor Linda Griffith to co-found the MIT Center for Gynepathology Research, an interdisciplinary research group that brings new engineering and scien...

Faculty Forum Online Evening Edition: MIT at Work in the World

Faculty Forum Online Evening Editio...

MIT Alumni Association

Added over 1 year ago | 01:01:07 | 3992 views

In a special evening edition of Faculty Forum Online, the Alumni Association explored how MIT is moving mens et manus into the 21st century. On October 23, 2013, Chancellor Eric Grimson PhD ’80, Dean for Graduate Education Christine Orti...

Urbanizing China #06: Brownfield Recycle in China

Urbanizing China #06: Brownfield Re...

Urbanizing China 2013

Added almost 2 years ago | 01:17:16 | 1119 views

Brownfiled Recycle in China 9/23/2013 Guest Speaker: Dr. Xin Li, Columbia University Discussant: Prof. Jinhua Zhao Abstract: Following stories of a land redevelopment project over an eight-year period, I demonstrate a shift in China's...

Announcement of "Open Gov" Knight News Challenge Winners

Announcement of "Open Gov" Knight N...

MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Added 2 years ago | 01:10:34 | 1689 views

Civics Beyond Borders

Civics Beyond Borders

2013 Civic Media Conference

Added 2 years ago | 01:12:20 | 1480 views

In a world of ever-increasing human migration, we can no longer pretend that civic action is neatly contained within the boundaries of the nation-state. Civics Beyond Borders explores transnational citizenship in the Brazilian diaspora, ...

Tipping Criteria for Robots

Tipping Criteria for Robots


Added 2 years ago | 00:11:36 | 1994 views

This video demonstrates the techniques and principles behind how to design a stable robot that will not tip in motion.

UROP Profile: Kamena Kostova

UROP Profile: Kamena Kostova

Dunoyer cuts

Added 2 years ago | 00:03:59 | 5101 views |

An MIT undergraduate shares her experience doing cancer research at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

Center for Advanced Urbanism Conference Day 2

Center for Advanced Urbanism Confer...

Infrastructural Monument

Added 2 years ago | 02:40:17 | 707 views

Panel 3 - Afternoon Session - The intermodal Station as a viable alternative Recorded on April 9, 2013 Speakers: Marcel Smets - Professor of Urbanism, K.U. Leuven Petra Messick - Senior Officer, Outreach and Communications North, NEC In...