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Infinite flip book: Have you seen the future?

"Have you seen the future?" is a book with pages that never stop turning. This edition limited to 180 copies was made expressly for the MIT Libraries Infinite Mile Awards Celebration by hand by the 2015 Rewards and Recognition committee members in honor and thanks to the Libraries' many staff visionaries. Watch the video to see how this continuously flipping structure functions and to read the messages contained inside. We'll soon post a tutorial on how to make this book. It's a book made from a half a sheet of letter-size paper, four pieces of double-stick tape, (with eight folds, and two cuts). Two squares sheets of paper are folded into 16 equal cubes. Double-stick tape is placed in the four outer corner cubes of the bottom sheet. The top sheet is placed on top. One square sheet is cut in half along the vertical (portrait) axis while the other is cut in half along the horizontal axis.

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MIT Libraries: Books made from a single sheet of paper

MIT Libraries: Books made from a single sheet of paper

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June 05, 2015 11:56
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