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Elizabeth Umhoefer and Allison Dee,...

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Added 9 years ago | 00:02:27 | 12247 views

Elizabeth Umhoefer and Allison Dee (MIT Fall 2006, both students in Prof. José Ramos' class) document Women's Rugby practice, with Elizabeth explaining aspects while not on the field. In English and Spanish.

Jesús Medrano, Tijuana Trip, M...

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Added 9 years ago | 00:01:40 | 8817 views

Jesús Medrano (MIT, Spring 2005) crosses the border into Mexico to give us a glimpse of Tijuana. In English and Spanish.

Meredith Ward, Cornell ROTC competi...

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Added 9 years ago | 00:01:59 | 8710 views

Meredith Ward (MIT, Fall 2004) travels to Cornell University in upstate New York for an ROTC (Reserve Officers Traing Corps) competition. The video, which is in Spanish and English, includes scenes of the beautiful Cornell campus as wel...

Erik Stockham, Airplane Design, MIT...

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Added 9 years ago | 00:01:27 | 8477 views

Erik Stockham invites us to preparations for the design contest and shows his group's plane in action. Mostly in English.

Neha Bhargava, Holi Festival, MIT-U...

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Added 9 years ago | 00:01:45 | 8419 views

Neha Bhargava (MIT, Spring 2005) and friends show us a celebration of the arrival of Spring, the Holi festival from India. In Spanish and English.

Debbie and Sameera, Kitchen Chemist...

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Added 9 years ago | 00:01:54 | 8414 views

Debbie and Sameera take the camera to their Kitchen Chemistry class. Mostly in Spanish.