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The State of Drupal

The State of Drupal

MIT World — special events and lectures

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10/26/2009 5:00 PM 32"123Dries Buytaert, Founder, DrupalDescription: Dries Buytaert relates a synopsis of his life with Drupal from its inception while a "typical geek" undergraduate in Antwerp in 1999 to the upcoming release of Drupal 7...

No Styles in D8 Core! - Jesse Beach

No Styles in D8 Core! - Jesse Beach

Design4Drupal Camp (2010)

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As themers, we are constantly removing and overriding styles from Core modules. This creates cruft, either in PHP to override inclusion of styles or in CSS. Most of this CSS is not necessary and simply impedes the development of new...

no smoking in the house of buddha


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original stop motion dream sequence929Studios director: jj