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Videos tagged with high-speed (5)

Mousetrap and pencil

Old Versions

Added over 9 years ago | 00:00:39 | 14980 views

Mouse trap set off with a pencil, shown in slow motion (by Harold Edgerton). [HEE-FV-181]

A Ball Bearing is Dropped on a Chri...

Doc Edgerton films

Added 10 years ago | 00:00:36 | 16837 views

See what happens when a ball bearing is dropped on a few Christmas ornaments in this slow motion film by Doc Edgerton.

Time Lapse: Starfish

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Added 10 years ago | 00:01:22 | 15176 views

Watch this time lapse film of starfish by Doc Edgerton. Collaboration with Ken Read at Hodgkins Cove, Gloucester MA, around 1973. [HEE-FV-007]

How a High-Speed Camera Works

Old Versions

Added 10 years ago | 00:02:53 | 14471 views

Watch this film by Doc Edgerton showing how a high-speed camera works. [HEE-FV-018, at 01:07]

Bubble pop

Bubble pop

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Added over 10 years ago | 00:00:29 | 23192 views

Slow motion film of a bubble seen in silhouette and popped by a sharp object;  film by Doc Edgerton, mid-1930s. [HEE-FV-011, at 01:51; see also "Quicker 'n a Wink"]