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Lawrence: Present

Work of Danielle Martin

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:01:26 | 21199 views

Digital stories I’d created from photos I’d taken in the fall of 2008 as part of Anne Spirn’s MIT course on landscape photography and audio interviews I’d done with visiting middle school students from the Lawrence Family Development Cha...

Sustained City-Campus Engagement: R...


Added almost 8 years ago | 00:14:40 | 32367 views

Academic-enhanced version of the previously released M@L Story Project, including new quotes from Boyer, Lynton, and Schon. (July 2009). The MIT@Lawrence Story is a reflective practice exercise that aims to not only document and reflec...


The Community Innovators Lab

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:05:07 | 54527 views

How do you get a biodiesel processor in your community or on your campus?

What Is the CoLab?

The Community Innovators Lab

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:03:25 | 35278 views

Communities and the Stimulus Package

The Community Innovators Lab

Added 8 years ago | 00:06:54 | 88834 views

On May 11th, a group of community leaders from across the nation gathered in New York to discuss what they are doing locally to improve their communities with the stimulus money. MIT graduate student researchers Uyen Le and Sarah Nusser...

Lawrence Practicum Midterm Student ...


Added 8 years ago | 01:01:30 | 16376 views

Midterm community presentation of preliminary research and findings about the historical and current narratives of Lawrence, MA, particularly historical responses to historical turning points, sustainable programs and design, and partici...

Lawrence Practicum Final Student Pr...


Added 8 years ago | 00:59:18 | 25334 views

Final community presentation of programs devised by the graduate and undergraduate students in the Spring 2009 Lawrence practicum course in the Dept of Urban Studies and planning (11.423). The final project was a description of how Lawr...

MIT and Lawrence, MA


Added 8 years ago | 00:04:23 | 21798 views

A digital story by Alexa Mills, describing the historical connections between MIT and Lawrence, MA, created in an IAP digital storytelling workshop at the MIT Museum in 2007.

Lawrence Practicum 2004 - Field Survey


Added 8 years ago | 00:01:22 | 16215 views

Seven-week GIS workshop evolves into Lawrence practicum: Information and Communication Technologies in Community Development. MIT students facilitate participatory workshops with residents of Lawrence's North Common neighborhood and expl...

Brooklyn: What is the ideal community?

The Community Innovators Lab

Added 8 years ago | 00:04:17 | 60325 views

Residents of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn are being displaced as gentrification forces them out. In the face of a changing neighborhood, these Brooklyn voices describe their ideal community.

Brooklyn: Rotten Fruit

The Community Innovators Lab

Added 8 years ago | 00:02:44 | 36537 views

Residents in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn discuss their frustrations with food choice and grocery shopping. Even as the neighborhood changes and new stores come in, sometimes the prodicts are so expensive that local people can'...