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Videos tagged with security (81)

Hybrid:  tuck and seal+triangle-shaped paper lock with slit perpendicular to the vertical axis, 1494, Italy

Hybrid: tuck and seal+triangle-sha...


Added 5 months ago | 00:03:46 | 106 views

Modeled after a letter found in the Vatican Secret Archives, Record Group: Fondo Veneto, Sezione II, Container #670, folder 4. #Document Security @letterlocking

Letterlocking: Blank Margin Lock

Letterlocking: Blank Margin Lock


Added 5 months ago | 00:04:45 | 744 views

Letterlocking: Blank margin lock. Model of the highest level of built-in security found in letterlocking since the paper lock remains attached to the actual letter it is securing shut. Found in the Sir Robert Harley Papers at the Britis...

Russian Soldier World War II Triangle-Shaped Folded Letter, 1940s

Russian Soldier World War II Triang...


Added 10 months ago | 00:00:22 | 4276 views

This letterlocking format was used by Russian Soldiers during World War II. Sealing the letter shut was forbidden however the letters did retained privacy as an unsealed enclosure. (NB. Some WWII-era prisoner of war printed stationery al...

Areg Danagoulian

Areg Danagoulian

Research Thumbnails

Added 1 year ago | 00:01:38 | 1827 views

Professor Areg Danagoulian is working on developing a monochromatic beam source that emits at a fixed energy level, making active scanning of cargo for the presence of fissionable, fissile, nuclear materials and devices faster and more...

Securing the Human: Online Video-Based Training

Securing the Human: Online Video-Ba...

Information Systems and Technology (IS&T)

Added over 1 year ago | 00:03:35 | 2807 views

Computing devices are everywhere. We use them to communicate with each other, buy products, and manage our accounts. Because they’re so essential, it’s critical that we safeguard these devices and the information on them. To learn best...

R. Scott Kemp

R. Scott Kemp

Research Thumbnails

Added over 1 year ago | 00:01:11 | 2423 views

Professor R. Scott Kemp is looking at how to move past traditional technical modes of verification by using open source literature as a way to detect clandestine nuclear programs.

Cell Phone Skeleton Key

Cell Phone Skeleton Key

Class of 2011

Added 2 years ago | 00:03:04 | 1643 views

Kristina Bjoran '11 interviews Steven Bucci about cell phone security.

R. Scott Kemp

R. Scott Kemp

Research Thumbnails

Added over 2 years ago | 00:00:33 | 2346 views

All engineering disciplines interact with society, but nuclear engineering is a special case, inexorably bound up with critical issues of our era: energy, the environment, and international security. Developing a deeper understanding of ...

MISTI MIT-Israel Safety and Security 2013

MISTI MIT-Israel Safety and Securit...

MISTI MIT-Israel Spring Training 2013

Added over 2 years ago | 00:29:11 | 985 views

Overview of safety and security protocol for MIT-Israel students

Encrypting Sensitive Data: What You Need to Know

Encrypting Sensitive Data: What You...

Information Systems and Technology (IS&T)

Added over 2 years ago | 00:03:33 | 2792 views |

Does your laptop or desktop computer contain sensitive data, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, protected health information, proprietary research data, or confidential legal data? If so, MIT policy and Massachusetts r...

Binvention - multi-compartment TSA security bin - 3rd place - ESD.40 Final Presentation

Binvention - multi-compartment TSA ...

SDM 2012 PDD Winning Presentations

Added almost 3 years ago | 00:15:26 | 2554 views

This is the Final Presentation of the "Binvention" Team in the ESD.40 - Product Design and Development final class presentations given May 11, 2012.  This team placed 3rd in the class competition.

My Five Dinners with Ahmadinejad, featuring Jim Walsh PhD '00

My Five Dinners with Ahmadinejad, f...

MIT Alumni Association

Added over 3 years ago | 00:32:45 | 6177 views

Jim Walsh PhD '00 is one of a small number of Americans who has traveled to North Korea and Iran for talks with officials about nuclear issues. A research associate in the MIT Security Studies Program, he is an international security exp...