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Videos tagged with modeling (24)

Squid Skin with a Mind of Its Own

Squid Skin with a Mind of Its Own


Added over 1 year ago | 00:04:32 | 2609 views

When you cut the nerves from a squid brain to the skin, something unexpected happens with the tiny pouches of colored pigment, called chromatophores. Emily takes you behind this phenomenon, and how it can be explained and modeled on the ...

Anne White

Anne White

Research Thumbnails

Added over 1 year ago | 00:01:24 | 3036 views

Small fluctuations in tokamak plasmas lead to turbulence, and turbulent eddies can very effectively transport heat from the hot core across confining magnetic field lines out to the cooler plasma edge. Predicting this phenomenon of turbu...

Jacopo Buongiorno

Jacopo Buongiorno

Research Thumbnails

Added 2 years ago | 00:00:43 | 2093 views

Introduction to Complex Systems: Patterns in Nature

Introduction to Complex Systems: Pa...

Ilana's Videos

Added over 2 years ago | 00:07:51 | 1414 views

This video provides a basic introduction to the the science of complex systems, focusing on patterns in nature.

Modeling the Arctic Ocean - MITgcm on Ice

Modeling the Arctic Ocean - MITgcm ...


Added 3 years ago | 00:09:33 | 4322 views

Temperature in the Arctic region has been rising at approximately twice the global average rate in the past 100 years (Solomon et al., Technical Summary, IPCC 2007). To understand the effect of warming on the Arctic sea ice and ocean cir...

Perpetual Ocean

Perpetual Ocean


Added over 3 years ago | 00:03:02 | 3059 views

The movie "Perpetual Ocean", created from simulations carried out as part of the MIT/NASA-JPL ECCO2 collaboration as visualized by the NASA Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio - which has been going a little viral over the ...

Professor Emilio Baglietto: Modeling of turbulent flow in a reactor fuel assembly

Professor Emilio Baglietto: Modelin...

Modeling of turbulent flow in a reactor fuel assembly

Added over 3 years ago | 00:00:06 | 2938 views

Over the last 15 years, computational techniques for modeling reactor behavior on both macro and micro scales have emerged as central tools in this effort, and NSE students will have the opportunity to learn about them from a growing fac...

The Future of Finance

The Future of Finance

MIT World — special events and lectures

Added over 3 years ago | 01:10:00 | 4438 views

01/28/2011 12:15 PM Rockwell cageRobert C. Merton, Ph.D. '70, MIT Sloan School of Management Distinguished Professor of FinanceDescription: In his keynote address, Robert Merton chooses not to focus on the financial crisis. It is clear t...

Economic Policy Challenges: Microeconomics and Regulation

Economic Policy Challenges: Microec...

MIT World — special events and lectures

Added over 3 years ago | 01:29:00 | 8857 views

01/27/2011 3:45 PM KresgeNancy L. Rose, PhD '85, Charles P. Kindleberger Professor of Applied Economics, MIT; Dennis W. Carlton, SM '74 PhD '75, Katherine Dusak Miller Professor of Economics,; Booth School of Business, University of Ch...

The Evolution of Economic Science: Macroeconomics, Growth, and Development

The Evolution of Economic Science: ...

MIT World — special events and lectures

Added over 3 years ago | 01:41:00 | 14040 views

01/27/2011 10:45 AM KresgeDaron Acemoglu, James Killian Professor of Economics, MIT; Peter Diamond, PhD '63, MIT Institute Professor; Esther Duflo, PhD '99, Abdul Latif Jameel Prof of Poverty Allev & Develop Department of Economics; ...

Humanistic Approaches to the Graphical Expression of Interpretation (MIT Communications Forum)

Humanistic Approaches to the Graphi...

MIT Communications Forum

Added over 3 years ago | 01:31:00 | 10223 views

05/20/2010 3:00 PM Bartos theaterKurt Fendt; Johanna Drucker; Amber Frid"Jimenez; Nick Montfort, SM '98, Assistant professor of Digital Media in MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies Description: The session begins with brief ...

RLE Investigator Profile Video Series: Alan V. Oppenheim

RLE Investigator Profile Video Seri...


Added almost 4 years ago | 00:06:29 | 17102 views

Professor Alan V. Oppenheim of MIT discusses research and education in his group, and the intellectual challenges facing engineers at the frontiers of signal processing, modeling and representation.

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