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The Wimshurst Machine

A Wimshurst electrostatic generator, working on the principle of induction, generates high voltage differences and sparks between two movable electrodes. By increasing the distance between the electrodes, higher potential differences can be built up.

Electrostatic induction refers to the principle that charges in an object (especially a conductor) redistribute themselves in the presence of nearby charges. Opposite charges are attracted to each other, while similar charges are repelled.

Larger charges can be stored by connecting the knobs to Leyden jars which are component parts of the machine.

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I used this machin befor and its very usefull to the teacher to give the pupils the principles charging mmatrials and generating high voltage diffrencesthe most atractive thing in this experement is the sparks.

Posted over 5 years by hazhar

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February 08, 2010 11:41
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