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Videos tagged with 1930 (2)

1930s 35mm video of George Washington bridge crossing (Fort Lee to NYC and back)

1930s 35mm video of George Washingt...

Video scraps

Added 12 months ago | 00:06:02 | 279 views

Public domain video of unused studio footage (cutting room floor stock) of a car trip across the George Washington bridge from the New Jersey side and back.

"The Airplane at Play"  (1930s) - Charles S. Draper and Robert M. Love

"The Airplane at Play" (1930s) - C...

From The Vault

Added 4 years ago | 00:14:40 | 13883 views

Charles Stark Draper and Robert M. Love `33 give a wonderful pilot's view of early aerial acrobatics and film them from both the ground and the cockpit. Cameramen Draper and Arthur Rossi, pilot C.W. Sutherland. Location: Framingham, MA....