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Videos tagged with vacuum (3)

The Energy Problem and the Interplay Between Basic and Applied Research

The Energy Problem and the Interpla...

MIT World — special events and lectures

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05/12/2009 4:00 PM 10"250Steven Chu, Secretary of EnergyDescription: The situation facing our planet could hardly be more dire: There's increasingly dangerous competition among nations for ever scarce energy resources, and climate chang...

The Art of Engineering

The Art of Engineering

MIT World — special events and lectures

Added 6 years ago | 01:15:00 | 10264 views

04/26/2006 4:00 PM WongJames Dyson, Inventor and Founder, Dyson Corporation; Description: Thank goodness some inventors specialize in ways to make our lives a little easier, especially around the house. Borrowing a page from Buckminste...

The Subminiature Vacuum Tube: The C...

MIT Museum SciTech Films

Added over 9 years ago | 00:16:19 | 19478 views

A short documentary of the history of the subminiature vacuum tube. This 16 minute film was produced by the MIT Museum with funding from Raytheon in 1986 for the MIT Industrial Liaison Program. The producer and director was Seichi Tsuts...