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Gaining Ground: A History of Landmaking in Boston

Gaining Ground: A History of Landma...

MIT World — special events and lectures

Added over 5 years ago | 01:02:00 | 4454 views

11/06/2003 6:00 PM e25-111Nancy Seasholes, Author, Gaining Ground; Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology, Boston UniversityDescription: After years of determined sleuthing, Nancy Seasholes can now state for the record that one-sixt...

Keynote Speech-IdeaStream Symposium

Keynote Speech-IdeaStream Symposium

MIT World — special events and lectures

Added over 5 years ago | 00:36:36 | 3575 views

05/13/2003 7:30 PM Museum of ScienceGovernor Mitt RomneyDescription: Governor Mitt Romney delivered the keynote address at the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation's first IdeasStream Symposium. In his talk, he underscored the ...

Maseeh Hall (W1) Under Construction

DSL History Series

Added over 6 years ago | 00:11:59 | 51019 views

W1 is a historic residence at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and the Charles river that re-opened on 8/15/2011 as Maseeh Hall, a new home for 462 MIT undergraduates, named in recognition of a generous gift from Fariborz Maseeh (ScD '...

2007 Freeman Lecture: "Cape Cod's B...

Freeman Lectures

Added over 7 years ago | 01:10:39 | 19418 views

Denis R. LeBlanc, U.S. Geological Survey: "Cape Cod's Billion Dollar Ground-Water Cleanup: The Hydrologic Story"

 dialogue snippet: What is the future of the green jobs industry?

dialogue snippet: What is the futu...

The Community Innovators Lab

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:01:22 | 55388 views

Watch the full panel discussion to see the whole conversation. In the summer of 2009, MIT CoLab deployed student staff to organizations in North Carolina, Mississippi, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, among others, to collabo...

Crossroads 2009: Focus Sessions Review

Crossroads 2009

Added 8 years ago | 01:33:41 | 36171 views

CTL Crossroads Conference held March 26, 2009 - CTL Researchers and Directors summarize the issues that were discussed during the day's focus sessions.

Crossroads 2009: From Doom To Boom ...

Crossroads 2009

Added 8 years ago | 00:48:14 | 48796 views

CTL Crossroads Conference held on March 26, 2009 featured this presentation by Kevin Smith, President & CEO of Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting.

Communities and the Stimulus Package

The Community Innovators Lab

Added 8 years ago | 00:06:54 | 89269 views

On May 11th, a group of community leaders from across the nation gathered in New York to discuss what they are doing locally to improve their communities with the stimulus money. MIT graduate student researchers Uyen Le and Sarah Nusser...


SoE Outreach Videos

Added over 8 years ago | 00:11:36 | 20628 views

Massachusetts Academic Games of America - See how MIT students got involved and how local schools benefit from this involvement.

CPW '08: Day 3 - Interview with Andy

CPW '08 Videos

Added over 9 years ago | 00:02:16 | 32465 views

Meet Andy from Lexington, MA and find out how his CPW experience is going so far.

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