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Rafael Marañón, Co-founder MIT Social Media Club

System Design and Management (SDM) Fellow Program.

Featured in this video:

Azamat Abdymomunov and Rafael Maranon, founders of the MIT Social Media Club ( ).

Dear club members and friends,

Thank you for supporting MIT's newest club -- MIT Social Media Club. We are pleased to initiate our first meeting. This is not yet official meeting of the club since our status will be finalized within the next two weeks by MIT Association of Student Activities (ASA). During last couple of weeks and especially at the Midway event two days ago, we've received many questions on how to use social media. As the result, we would like to organize brainstorming meeting of friends on how to increase your digital footprint.

This ABC of social media will cover:

1. You (or your startup, your club) how to control your visibility online.

2. How to create dynamic content generating platform: Blog + LinkedIn + FaceBook + Twitter + Youtube.

3. How to increase your personal brand as MIT student or startup. How to host your website/blog on MIT Server. How to create your own MIT domain and email list.

4. Efficient maintenance of your integrated social network. Do more with less time.

Video and music by Azamat Abdymomunov

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January 12, 2011 15:05
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