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MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering Briefing on the Japan Nuclear Crisis

In the aftermath of Japan's earthquake and tsunami, reliable technical information about the crisis affecting the nuclear power plants at Fukushima has been difficult to discern from the media coverage. The demand to know what is happening, however, is very great. The Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering held an information session for the MIT community about the current situation at Fukushima on March 14, 2011. Topics discussed include: the characteristics of the boiling water reactors at Fukushima; the possible causes of the accidents; the current status of the reactors; the technical options that may now be available to the reactor operators; and the possible future implications. NSE students, with support from our faculty, are maintaining a technical information blog at to continue to provide non-sensationalized, factual data from engineers in a manner that can be understood by the general public.

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The schematics are difficult to read even in HD stream, even in full screen.

Posted 4 years by Anonymous 00:15:10

insert here

Posted over 1 year by Anonymous 00:26:35

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Posted over 1 year by Anonymous 00:34:12

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Nuclear Science and Engineering

Nuclear Science and Engineering

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March 16, 2011 13:59
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