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Dancing Bees

Emily Fox, EECS graduate student discusses honey bee dances and its applications. Video by Sangmin Oh, Georgia Tech.

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i miss u

Posted 7 years by Anonymous

Thank you! I finally understood the diagrams I found in my textbooks. For example, I always wondered how the bees could “see” see the famous dances.

Posted 7 years by Anonymous

This seems like a really cool study. Learning from God’s creation is a wonderful thing. For example: Airplanes invented from watching bird flight and studying their wings. Any ideas what we can use this information for just yet? I’m interested. On a totally different note I am interested in farming honey. With lending or “loans”: down for agriculture as a whole I don’t think I’ll be able to fund up at the moment. Thankfully, somebody is paying attention to these little guys besides me.

Posted almost 7 years by Anonymous

very thoughtfull

Posted over 5 years by Anonymous 00:00:00

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