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Lecture: The Life and Works of Doc Edgerton - by Prof. Kim Vandiver (2008)

Institute Professor, Harold "Doc" Edgerton revolutionized photography with his high speed strobe lighting techniques. He came to MIT as a student in 1926. By the time of his passing in 1990 he had profoundly affected MIT and the world with his contributions to photography and underwater exploration. This talk, given by Prof. J.Kim Vandiver will show many of his photographs and tell stories of his contributions to high speed photography, night reconnaisance photography in WWII, and marine archeology. His legacy and contributions to MIT are celebrated in the Edgerton Center of today. Come enjoy the photography and learn about the new Edgerton Archive project. Courtesy of AMPS [T23741]

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It was a fantastic story! It is incredibly valuable to be able to look on lectures like this. It gives a nice feeling I live in Sweden and this is a good chance for me to learn more. Allthough I am 58 years old. Thank you from /Gunno Lundh/

Posted over 7 years by Anonymous User

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Doc Edgerton films

Doc Edgerton films

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February 11, 2008 15:58
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