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MIT Museum: Ideas in the Making

Visit the MIT Museum where historic robots, dazzling holograms and kinetic sculpture are showcased in an intimate museum setting. Meet the people behind the exhibits - curators and Museum Director John Durant. Learn about the new Innovation Gallery, the Cambridge Science Festival and all that draws people from around the world to this unique museum located on Massachusetts Avenue on the northern edge of the MIT campus.

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we are students in Iowa and we are making mini museums for a project and we just wanted to tell you that it looks sweet and we looked at your site and it looks AMAZING WE LOVE AMERICA AND MASSACHUSETTS!

Posted over 7 years by Anonymous

Too bad they closed the Hall of Hacks. I think it added to the culture. Let’s not be so stodgy. The hacks are fun and they are fondly remembered for those involved. Check out
to learn more about the hacks

Posted almost 6 years by dbrees

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MIT Museum

MIT Museum

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January 13, 2009 10:29
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