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Innovation in Energy Storage: What I Learned in 3.091 was All I Needed to Know

06/05/2010 Kresge
Donald Sadoway, John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry; Department of Materials Science Engineering;

Description: In a lecture that could have been titled, Better Education through Chemistry, Don Sadoway begins with solar energy, grid"level storage, and liquid metal batteries and moves into education innovation around new and radical ways to teach chemistry.

Calling 3.091 a chemistry"centered class or Chemistry and the World Around Us Sadoway uses examples from art, literature, music, and film to bring the topic alive. He weaves a complex chemistry tale with special features that include materials science jokes, insights into Salvador Dali, the story of human greed that took down the Titanic, and the use of primary sources in science.

He also shares some amazing student innovations around learning chemistry, including the periodic table of the chemical elements set to "Do"Re"Mi", and periodic table inspired sonnets.

Host(s): Alumni Association, Alumni Association

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