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Keynote Address: Antanas Mockus

Dr. Antanas Mockus’ life has traversed between academia and the public sector in his native Colombia. He studied mathematics at Dijon University in France and received a Masters in Philosophy at the National University of Colombia. He has received two doctorates honoris causa, from Paris VIII University and the National University of Colombia (UNAL), of which he was also president. He has been a visiting professor and researcher at Harvard University and Nuffield College and authored or co-authored several academic articles and books. In the public realm, he has served as mayor of Bogotá two times and has been a presidential candidate twice. He is largely responsible for the transformation in both the quality and equality of life that now exists in Bogota through unconventional policies that sought to change citizen culture, which he calls “Citizen Culture Methodology’. He is currently president of Corpovisionarios, a non-profit think tank and action center that performs research, provides advisory services and designs and implements policies that make possible voluntary changes on collective behaviors.

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IDG Conference 2012

IDG Conference 2012

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April 30, 2012 14:28
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