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Velodyne (3D Laser) in Singapore Harbor

Watch as the Hover Research Group kayak manages to keep a very expensive piece of equipment safe from the waves! The intent is to gather 3D spacial data to reconstruct the surrounding obstacles and apply adaptive control for avoidance. Look for more in the future! This work was completed in January 2009.

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1. OMG This is the answer to how to balance and reposition flexible turbines in the Gulfstream.

2. I am wondering how this system can contribute to gathering more data for modeling of path and intensity of hurricanes prior to landfall.I will ask Director Bill Reed on Monday to view this video.

3. It would be totally great if we could have an offshore amateur radio repeater, to make use of the propagation characteristics of radio waves across open water. I am wondering if these devices could play a part. Just think…. a repositionable, deployable repeater which can overcome the issues of the steel giants we currently use.. You have no idea how tough it is to put up steel towers, to know where to place them in an urban environment so as to cover the area with amateur radio access….to even understand the array of obstacles which alter or block the passage of radio waves in the 2M band.

I am reminded by the boss that this may cost a great deal more than the repeaters, which come mostly out of pocket of amateur radio operators in South Florida.

With respect to the deployment of surface weather sampling stations, though, this may provide the only realistic opportunity. It is my thought that when the algorithms are spread exceeding thin, we miss so much of great and vital interest, may not really have enough points to plot, etc.

Annie, SKYWARN volunteer in Miami, Florida

Posted almost 9 years by Anonymous

Probably the most expensive kayak I’ve ever seen


Posted over 8 years by dork

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Hover Research Group - SMART CENSAM

Hover Research Group - SMART CENSAM

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March 13, 2009 13:53
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