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GAMBIT 2008 - Phorm

Phorm is a single-player puzzle game for ages 12 and above. You start with Osmo, a tiny amorphous alien escaping from his captors. After breaking out of his hourglass prison, Osmo is still trapped within a huge laboratory. Daunted by the unfamiliar environment and the complexity of the obstacles in his way, Osmo has to rely on his only ability to escape: the ability to morph.

You will help Osmo escape by drawing the avatar for him to morph into. If you draw avatar shapes with longer legs, Osmo will jump higher. Osmo will also be able to gain other physical attributes depending on the shape that YOU have drawn. Be empowered by what you draw! Play Phorm!

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Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

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