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The US Financial Crisis: Is there an end in sight?

An MIT panel will discuss the current national economic news with the Institute community. Panel Members: Ricardo Caballero, Bengt Holmstrom, Andrew Lo, James Poterba, William Wheaton

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Great economic team in DC and NY but, indeed, I am afraid that politics will get in the way (and so, not only because of the right — watch towards Ram…)

Posted over 7 years by Anonymous

Bengt’s counter-intuitive points and analysis is very enlightening.

Posted over 7 years by Anonymous

this teacher ambigual speaking made me hard to understand

Posted 6 years by Anonymous 00:04:09


Posted 6 years by Anonymous 00:45:16

silly to focus on that when top economic minds are providing a valuable briefing.

Posted 6 years by Anonymous 00:04:09


Posted 6 years by Anonymous 00:45:17

cool !

Posted 6 years by Anonymous 00:58:54

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