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Fusion Research at MIT

Alcator C-Mod and The Plasma Science and Fusion Center

MIT graduate students, faculty, and staff prepare for the next generation of fusion reactors.

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This is a wonderful introduction to Plasma physics. Thank you for sharing it!!!

Posted over 8 years by Anonymous User

ok, thanks for sharing, i like the big plasma tube….good introduction of plasma physics.

Posted over 8 years by Anonymous

would this lead to research to develop a space vehicle engine as well?

Posted over 8 years by Anonymous

isnt BEC another state of matter?

Posted 8 years by Anonymous

Wow, I was not know that the plasma physics is really cool. I think there are many science fields that a lot of people do not know it, but once they watch a video for it they want to know everything about it.

Here is a list of papers for plasma science:- loss

Posted almost 7 years by kakashi

I copied the link posted by kakashi and then went to images, and I found some really gnarly photos that came up from plasma science. I just thought people might want to check them out.

Posted over 6 years by dunshster

Same question with this “isnt BEC another state of matter?”.

Posted over 6 years by davecozy

Same question with this “isnt BEC another state of matter?
Here is a list of papers for plasma science:- marking machine

Posted over 6 years by ch027laser

Long time

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous 00:06:36

Good video, but it must not be presented in a way as coolest toys that MIT has, rather in a way that the best PLASMA Machine that MIT has, as it deals with what is the future of POWER IN the days to come, to make the civilisation more modern and sophisticated. I hope the MACHINE is not a toy but, a serious thing to study and learn, the future of mankind.

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous 00:06:08

MIT has done a wonderful job here. I was not having that much idea about the Fusion Research, but now I could see how difficult it was to work out with every things. This is one of the science fields that the normal people were not having any general idea about Plasma and Nuclear physics. I have found a MIT youtube video about Fusion which I’m sharing. Regards Shane

Posted over 6 years by v100

I was googling how much eneergy it takes to run this.. but couldn’t find much. That’s a lot of energy! couponsutf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

Posted 6 years by fusion1

Apologies for the mess I have made of the last few comments as I tried to get a link within the comment area! Finally got there!

Posted 6 years by iananthony

The city originally encompassed that area known now as
Old Toronto. In 1998, the city
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Posted 6 years by scofield2184

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