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Living An Extraordinary Life@MIT

Learn more about "Living An Extraordinary Life," an innovative, eye-opening non-credit course offered by the Program in Science and Technology.

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To the person asking about the course, yes it is being offered. I suggest you contact the handelgroup to find out more. Their web address is

Posted over 9 years by Anonymous User

I think we all want to do/be our best. I sence that it may be a bumpy ride to get there, although I personally need the baby steps as it is clear to me I have not been susseccful in my old way of thought, "I can do it myself". I truly welcome and am excited to listen and try what has worked for these people and have decided to set aside "I know best" thought or "I can do it myself". Please if possible I would like to spend some time with these people who I want to listen to.

Posted over 9 years by Anonymous User

Is this course offered anymore? Trying to find out. Thanks.

Posted over 9 years by Anonymous User

For those looking the course is now called Designing Your Life. It was last offered in the IAP during the last week in January. The continuation course at MIT is ongoing.

Posted 9 years by Anonymous

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Living An Extraordinary Life

Living An Extraordinary Life

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September 06, 2007 13:44
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