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Rural Life in the Himalayas - Excerpts from a trip through Ladakh, India and Yunnan, China

Video taken during a summer 2008 trip by Catlin Powers and Scot Frank to Ladakh, India and Yunnan, China. Detailed within are some aspects of rural life, the terain, modes of transportation, people, and culture. This trip was related to field research into suitable areas for more portable and light weight solar cooker and heating system for the Himalayan region. In association with One Earth Designs, a non-profit focusing on engineering solutions for high-altitude community innovation.

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A follow up making tea in the same location using the 4th gen solar cooker would be very interesting. How will it change the social interaction?

Posted over 9 years by Anonymous

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Scot Frank

Scot Frank

Updated over 9 years ago

July 24, 2008 01:36
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