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Panel 3: Summary Discussion

Visions of the use of personal electronic data for innovative research and applications that improve sustainability, social equity, urban management, energy efficiency, public health, among others.

Richard Clarke, Assistant Vice President--Public Policy, AT&T, Inc.
David Lazer, Director, Program on Networked Governance, Harvard University; Associate Professor, Political Science and Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University
Carlo Ratti, Associate Professor of the Practice, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT; Director, SENSEable City Lab, MIT
Nicol Turner-Lee, Vice President and Director, Media and Technology Institute, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Trevor Hughes, Executive Director, IAPP. 10/13/2009

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Introduction to panel by moderator Trevor Hughes and panelists.

Posted over 7 years by senseable_video 00:00:00

Opening statements from David Lazer and Nicol Turner-Lee.

Posted over 7 years by senseable_video 00:04:50

Moderator question to panel and audience: What type of data would you like to see available and how could we use that data in a more productive and positive way?

Posted over 7 years by senseable_video 00:16:05

Question from Michael Merritt: How can we proceed safely as researchers? How can we explore this space, which has its dangers and rewards, without risking our careers or livelihoods?

Posted over 7 years by senseable_video 00:28:32

Question from moderator: Does the public understand the value proposition of the data and if not, why? How do we convey the fact that the value proposition exists? Or does it even exist?

Posted over 7 years by senseable_video 00:37:10

Question from moderator to panel: Describe an innovative future scenario on some things we’ve been learning about that excite you. What is the vision that has you at this event?

Posted over 7 years by senseable_video 00:53:12

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