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Dedication of the Media Lab Complex

Welcome: Dana G. Mead - Chairmain, MIT Corporation

Susan Hockfield - President, MIT

Adele Naude Santos - Dean, MIT School of Architecture + Planning

Fumihiko Maki - Principal Architect

Frank Moss - Director, Media Laboratory

Mitchel Resnick - Academic Head, Program in Media Arts and Sciences

Karen Brennan - PhD Candidate (2012) in Media Arts and Sciences

Sajid Sadi - PhD Candidate (2010) in Media Arts and Sciences

Closing Remarks: Dana G. Mead - Chairmain, MIT Corporation

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thanks for this video.I’m about to start doctoral research on the Internet and constantly bother myself with the idea that because I’m not able to discuss or approach the networks I want to study in terms of neatly bounded ‘fields’ I’m not doing ‘proper anthropology’.
It’s always great to come across writers who critique these disciplinary structures, and point out the ways in which they can become unhelpful. I read your ‘another revolution missed’ article some time ago and found it tremendously useful. I’ve only just come across this site but you’ve certainly gained another reader here!Dan,

Posted over 7 years by it529com

It must have been with such expectations that the MIT embarked on a project like the Media Lab Complex and it must have been a moment of great pride and achievement when it was accomplished and was being dedicated to the millions who are going to benefit by it in the future!! With such well qualified and experienced academicians at the helm, I am sure this Media Lab will grow from strength to strength, bringing out brilliant architects as they grow, into the society!!

Watch the Youtube video of Exploring Electronics at the MIT Media Lab, I found it pretty interesting:,Hope you all enjoy it

Posted 7 years by jcbrown

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Groundbreakings and dedications

Groundbreakings and dedications

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