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Burton-Conner i3 - 2010

This is the video for BC in the guide to residents that will be sent to the prefrosh of class of 2014. This video was created by Jess Kim ('10), Michael Snively ('11), and Garrett Hemann ('11), and was possible with the support of many other residents of Burton Conner. The music is featuring Jazmine Sullivan's Switch! and the video contains endless amounts of Youtube memes.

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For the HD version, check out:

Posted over 7 years by jesskim

Oh how I love my alma mater…

Posted over 7 years by lmayer

Why i cant open this video ….

Posted over 7 years by davecozy

What a wonderful idea by the BC to make such a video as a guide for the residents of its prefrosh class of 2014!! It is very well taken with all the advice and warnings but at the same time being very sportive and humorous about it!! Keeping in mind the spirit of the residents they have made the video identifying with the mood of the students showing them all the things that they will be doing in the course of their stay there and warning them against it!!

Posted 7 years by jcbrown

Hi dave
check out this link to open the youtube video :

Posted 7 years by jcbrown

can someone give me a download link for this video.? i can’t open streaming video now.

Posted 7 years by NineX

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garrett hemann

garrett hemann

Category: Education | Updated over 7 years ago

March 17, 2010 10:14
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