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Proteus, the Penguin Boat

The Proteus project is the challenge of pragmatically applying highly efficient natural fish propulsion technologies to conventional vessels.

Just as a penguin or sea turtle are a rigid body with fish-like flapping fins, Proteus is a boat that propels itself with two oscillating foils.

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As an education consultant with 31 years in public schools, I found this video fasciinating and highly usable for students. My brother and I wirite science curriculum for a school improvement client company, and also take science field trips out to schools (something of a twist). We would love to show this to students when we are working on creating interest in building and using a classroom windtunnel, even as a way to bring the adventure of science into student experience. Is there a way that we could get a DVD of this and on the Robo Tuna project? Love the work. Lee Walker

Posted almost 8 years by Anonymous User

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MIT Video Productions

MIT Video Productions

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