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Rapid Design for Drupal: A template based approach to cut your design time down by 200% (Code-Free Session)-Nica Lorber

This session is not about code. No code no code no code. No really, no code. This session will showcase a unique approach we've pioneered at Chapter Three leveraging Adobe Fireworks to use an in-house created template to transform our designs from good to amazing. We'll be showing you how to address a lot of elements that make sites look Drupal-y and show you how to create Future-Proof-Extendable-Design. What the heck does that mean? You'll have to show up to find out, but we guarantee that if you design sites for Drupal, that you will use the tools that we have to share. Whether you're creating an original elaborate design from scratch, or just need to produce someting really quick, this templated approach serves as an excellent tool for sites of all sizes.

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We just created a new template which is available for download here:

Posted almost 6 years by nicalorber

Sorry, try this link instead: "":

Posted almost 6 years by nicalorber

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Design4Drupal Camp (2010)

Design4Drupal Camp (2010)

Category: Education | Updated almost 6 years ago

July 09, 2010 20:52
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