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Jacques-Yves Cousteau Tests Harold 'Doc' Edgerton's camera, 1952

Jacques-Yves Cousteau first met Harold E. Edgerton on the recommendation of their sponsor at National Geographic Society, as the French explorer was searching for better lighting solutions for his deepwater cameras. Doc notes in his laboratory notebook that Cousteau visited on April 29th, 1952. Here we see Cousteau at the MIT Alumni Pool testing Edgerton's underwater camera and flash for the very first time. After that first meeting Edgerton and Cousteau would go on to collaborate on dozens of oceanographic expeditions over the next 35 years. [HEE-FV-169 / section 1]

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I cannot believe that no one has commented on this post! Jacques Cousteau will always be one of those icons. He changed the way we perceive underwater life, habitat, and marine science as we know it. Thanks for posting this video- incredible stuff.

Posted over 4 years by Heidispeare

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