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MIT Physics Demo -- No-Win Tug of War

Two people on carts pull on a long rope, demonstrating that the center of mass does not move.

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i dont get it. when you play tug-of-war your standing and you pull the other side over the line.

Posted almost 7 years by Anonymous

nice, but I would like you to try it out with me, im 250 lb!

Maybe both of you could do it!

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous

Shame on you

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous

In a real tug of war one has friction with the ground; here friction is eliminated by the wheels with good bearings; the result (a stationary CM) would be the same regardless of the relative masses of the participants, but if the participants are vastly different in mass, we might not see the large one move noticeably

Posted over 6 years by Anonymous

this is a confusing an odd video

Posted almost 2 years by Anonymous 00:00:28

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August 28, 2008 16:50
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