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GAMBIT Research Video Podcast Episode 8, Part 1 "The History and Significance of Jumping In Games"

In Episode 8, Part 1 GAMBIT Research Associate Jason Begy leads a lively discussion on his paper which he he presented at FROG in Vienna on "The History and Significance of Jumping In Games". Founded in 2006, the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab sets itself apart by emphasizing the creation of video game prototypes to demonstrate our research as a complement to traditional academic publishing. The goal of the monthly four part Research Video Podcast Series is to provide a rarely seen transparency of the research process here at GAMBIT. These video podcasts will serve to showcase our unique mission here to not only the games industry but to academics who still remain unclear as to the nature of video game theory, our particular methodology and the background of our researchers." Video Produced by Generoso Fierro, Edited by Garrett Beazley, Music by Abe Stein.

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Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

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October 06, 2010 11:24
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