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Speed of a Bullet

A pair of spinning wheels 1.5 meters apart is placed in the path of a bullet. A bullet is fired with the wheels stationary for reference position, and fired again with the wheels spinning at a known speed. The second wheel will rotate more than the first as the bullet crosses the gap between them. When the angles between the reference holes and the second holes are compared, the speed of the bullet can be determined.

The balloon is used to show when the bullet has passed through both disks.

This video was shot with a Phantom v7.1 high speed video camera (donated by Vision Research Inc.) at approximately 7000 frames per second. The frame data can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

Special thanks to Dr. Jim Bales, MIT Edgerton Center.

Comments (4)

OH YEAH!!!!!!

Posted almost 6 years by Anonymous User

What effect do the spinning wheels have on the bullet's speed?

Posted almost 6 years by Anonymous User

well I believe it has no influence other than to calculate the time given by the delta of position of both wheels. May be electromagnic field in a very small scale deviate the path.

Posted almost 6 years by Anonymous User

the attempt for calculation seems to be very simple but very effetive.kindly inform how the speed of ball bowled by a bowler in cricket. they saw the path trajectory speed insant before the new ball is bowled during live broadcasting. can we apply the same techniq for measurement of speed of bullet?

Posted over 5 years by Anonymous

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September 02, 2008 15:08
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