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Part 1: MIT Innovations in Management: Strategies for Sustainable Business Practice

Dec. 5-6, 2007 Part 1 Sustainability is no longer relegated to offices that handle isolated issues like waste management or corporate charitable giving. Innovative leaders from a wide range of industries and functional areas are recognizing they can improve their business by embracing sustainable business practices. How are they doing it? How can eco-friendly, socially responsible business practices translate to your bottom line? Where are the most promising areas of business opportunity today? Are there frameworks that can help you identify sustainable strategies that fit your corporate footprint?

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I really liked the video…made me smile as Rebecca nailed the problem that led to mass exodus of employees at my previous place of work…And it was reassuring to see that future managers at MIT are being taught this crucial lesson and hope they remember it when they actually need to implement it …

Posted 5 years by Anonymous

amazing showed a clear percetion of winning being oen hearted

Posted over 3 years by Anonymous 00:59:59

Rebecca Henderson, Sloan School

Posted 5 months by

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MIT Sloan

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