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MLK Breakfast 2012: Susan Hockfield Remarks and Introduction of Keynote Speaker

MLK Breakfast 2012: Susan Hockfield...

MLK Celebration 2012

Added almost 3 years ago | 00:14:45 | 1577 views

Susan Hockfield, President of MIT

Group Violence, Terrorism, and Impunity–Challenges to Secularism and Rule of Law in India: a Workshop- session 2 part 2

Group Violence, Terrorism, and Impu...

Group Violence, Terrorism, and Impunity–Challenges to Secularism and Rule of Law in India: a Workshop

Added over 4 years ago | 00:55:17 | 1576 views

Session 2: State Performance during Group Violence: Case Studies Chair and Discussant: Bish Sanyal, MIT 10:30-10:45AM “Caste & Violence: A Study of Atrocities on Dalits,” Chinnaiah Jangam, Wagner College, New York 10:45-11:00AM “Kand...

Music from the Next Century Convocation - Procession: Tuus

Music from the Next Century Convoca...

MIT Music and Theater Arts

Added 3 years ago | 00:07:15 | 1574 views

Procession Tuus Traditional Performed by the Rambax MIT Senegalese Drum Ensemble Co-Directed by Patricia J. Tang, Associate Professor, and Lamine Touré, Lecturer, Music and Theater Arts

Clean Tech Investing: Emerging Trends - New Strategies - MIT Club of Northern California

Clean Tech Investing: Emerging Tren...

Energy and Clean Tech Series

Added 12 months ago | 01:31:06 | 1574 views

Investors have learned, sometimes bitterly, that the investment life cycle for certain technology and/or manufacturing-based clean technology companies is not the same as software and information technology. Time horizons are longer and...

Role of Bmi I in Intestinal Development and Tumorigenesis

Role of Bmi I in Intestinal Develop...

Koch Institute Summer Symposium 2012

Added over 2 years ago | 00:30:48 | 1571 views

Jacqueline Lees, Kock Institute at MIT

Shimon Ullman: From Simple Innate Biases to Complex Visual Concepts

Shimon Ullman: From Simple Innate B...

Workshop: Learning Data Representation: Hierarchies and Invariance

Added 11 months ago | 00:43:03 | 1571 views

Shimon Ullman (MIT/Weizmann Inst.) presented "Representation Learning" on Sunday November 24, 2013, in the Singleton Auditorium (MIT Bldg 46-3002.) This talk was part of the Workshop on Learning Data Representation: Hierarchies and I...

MIT-Haiti Symposium

MIT-Haiti Symposium

Brandon Muramatsu's Collection

Added over 2 years ago | 00:03:19 | 1571 views

Photo montage from the MIT-Haiti Symposium, October 21-22, 2010.

Henry Jenkins at Alcala

Henry Jenkins at Alcala

Miscellaneous Videos

Added 2 years ago | 01:58:38 | 1571 views

2014 Tech Day: The Future of Planet Earth Part 1

2014 Tech Day: The Future of Planet...

Technology Day

Added 5 months ago | 01:45:20 | 1570 views

Media in Transition 8 - Surveillance: Big Data and other Watchers

Media in Transition 8 - Surveillanc...

MIT Communications Forum

Added over 1 year ago | 01:24:07 | 1570 views

Recorded on May 4, 2013 Moderator: Ethan Zuckerman, MIT. Panelists: Goran Bolin, Sodertorn University (Sweden); Kelly Gates, University of California, San Diego; Jose van Dijck, University of Amsterdam.

Amazing Design Through Empathy

Amazing Design Through Empathy

Design 4 Drupal Camp Boston 2014

Added 3 months ago | 00:47:19 | 1569 views

Speaker: David Spira. The difference between a good product and an amazing one boils down to one thing: Empathy. Developing an understanding of your users that is so deep that you can feel what they feel enables you to design products an...

The Crises In Employment, Consumption, Economic Growth, and the Environment: Could a Shorter Workweek and a Greener Economy Provide Relief? - Nicholas A. Ashford, PhD., JD Professor of Technology and Policy, MIT; Director, MIT Technology and Law Program

The Crises In Employment, Consumpti...

MIT System Design and Management Program (SDM)

Added over 1 year ago | 00:52:40 | 1569 views

About the Presentation The crises we encounter today could be described as a 'perfect storm.' The global financial crisis that began in 2008 has left many people with too little money and/or willingness to spend. This results in too few...